Thoughts from GD and JHill

Hi!  We are glad you found this.  On this page we have placed all our podcasts that are character, leadership, ethics, etc based.  Sometimes we have thoughts and we like to share them.  Here they are:

Take the Hit!

Doing something new comes with discomfort. Our first response is often to run away from this discomfort and get back to a place of safety and security. Join Greg and guest host Kelly Simon as they dive into what it means to take the hit.

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Your Actions...Your Responsibility

Messing up is part of human nature.  No one isn't going to mess up from time to time.  However, when we do we have two choices.  Excuses or owning our actions.  Join Greg as he dives into this topic through a road side conversation with a polite police officer...

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Isaac the Defender:

Walking into Fear

2020 has left us with so many unknowns. A lot of this leads to fear and anxiety. Join Greg has he shares a story from his six year old son as he walks into fear and overcomes it.

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That Wasn't Good Enough:

Can we actually say that?

The first step to improvement or growth is often acknowledging that we need to improve and grow. At some point you have to say "That wasn't good enough" join Greg and Jenny as they dive into this often tough but beneficial statement.

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Busy: Is it the right word?

Have you ever been asked how your weekend was and responded that it was busy? No worries we do all the time as well. In this episode Jenny and Greg dive into additional phrases and words that we can use in place of busy.


Quantity vs Quality Time

In today's fast pace world time is tighter than ever for many families. Join Greg and Jenny as the dive into one of Greg's thoughts that quality time is byproduct of quantity time together. Enjoy!

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Meraki: What is it?

Join Greg and Jenny as they dive into the concept around the word meraki. This concept changes the way we approach the teams we are on and the things we do. Enjoy or latest episode in the Greek word suite :).


What is Love...?

Love is a tricky word right? You can love a spouse and you can love bacon... Love is a huge motivator as well, maybe the biggest of all motivators. Join Jenny and Greg as they dive into the word Love.

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Meet Them Where They Are

Meeting people where they are is key to teaching and leadership. Join Greg in this minicast as he recounts a story about Thomas the Train and his son Caleb that taught him this lesson. Check out for more content from the ICCpodcast team.

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Hotel vs home

Have you ever decided to change a light bulb in a hotel room?  Yeah neither have we.  How about at home?  You better believe it.  Join Greg as he dives into a concept of treating places like homes or hotels in this podcast mini.  Please give us a rating and review where ever you listen to podcasts at.  Be Awesome.  Enjoy!

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Do Crazy

How many times in life have we had a crazy idea but didn't follow through because it didn't fit the norm? Well, if you are anything like most of us the answer is a lot. Join Greg in this minicast as he explores an example of acting on crazy and bold ideas.

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Fault and Responsibility

Join Greg and Jenny as they talk about the difference of being at fault for something and embracing the responsibility to repair relationships.  We can be sorry and not at fault correct?

Acts of Because

Making someone's day better is a great feeling. Do so when there is no reason at all to do so is even better. Join Greg as he discusses the power of doing things just because.

What is Normal...?

What is normal to us is not always the norm for others. Join Greg and Jenny as they discuss the importance of realizing the importance of accepting each other's normal.