In this five part series Jenny and Greg talk with author and friend Dan Butler about his book 'Permission to Be Great'

Dan Butler serves as the principal of Epworth Elementary School in the Western Dubuque Community School District. Previously, he was the principal of Epworth and Farley Elementary Schools simultaneously for four years focusing on positive relationships with all members of the learning community, high impact instructional techniques, building leadership capacity in others, and establishing successful school cultures. Prior to serving as an administrator, Dan taught third and fifth grades in the Western Dubuque District, as well as serving as a baseball and football coach. In addition to his responsibilities as a building principal, Dan works as an adjunct professor in the Educational Leadership department at the University of Northern Iowa where he earned his doctoral degree.

Dan has received numerous awards and most recently was recognized as a finalist for the School Administrators of Iowa Elementary Principal of the year in 2019 and 2020. He received the University of Northern Iowa Educational Leadership Legacy award in 2018 and was a 2017 Rising Star in the Dubuque area. For more than six years, Dan served as a co-moderator of Iowa Educational Chat (#IAedchat), a weekly Twitter forum dedicated to the latest trends in education. He recently published his first book, Permission to be Great and has published various articles to Principal Magazine focused on digital leadershipliteracyproductivity, and educator engagement. Dan and his wife, Johna reside in Iowa with their sons, Mason and Nolan. Read more about Dr. Butler by visiting or follow him on Twitter: @danpbutler.

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Permission to Be Great:
What is Burnout?
Episode 1

In this the first of five episodes in the Permission to Be Great series Jenny and Greg sit down with Dan Butler to set the stage on what burnout is and the things that lead to it.  Hint hint...there is more to burnout than simply having to much to do.  Listen to find out more.  In the coming episodes we will tackle how we can address these areas of burnout.  You can learn more about Dan by checking out his website

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Permission to Be Great:
Battling Workload
Episode 2

In this the second episode of our series on Dan Bulter's book 'Permission to Be Great' we dive into one of the leading causes of burnout, WORKLOAD.  In this episode Dan gives several key pointers that can be done to handle the amount of things that we have on our to do lists. 

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Permission to Be Great: ERA
Episode 3

In episode 3 of our Permission to Be Great series dives into the concepts of ERA.  Join Greg and Jenny as they sit down with author, principal, and friend of the show Dan Butler to talk about encouragement, recognition, and appreciation. People often leave jobs due to a lack of ERA in this episode we talk about ways to address that.  Find out more about Dan by going to his website: ...

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Permission to Be Great: Relationships
Episode 4

In this the 4th episode of our Permission to Be Great series Greg and Jenny again sit with author and friend Dan Butler as they reflect on his book 'Permission to Be Great.'  In this episode they discuss the power of relationships.  This is not a fluffy episode...enjoy!

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Permission to Be Great: Values
Episode 5

In the final episode of our Permission to Be Great Series Greg, Jenny, and Dan dive into one of the most important aspects of Dan's book - VALUES! Values play a huge role in what we do each day and allow us to see that the hard work we do is worth it. Listen to find out more.

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