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Permission to Be Great:
Battling Workload
Episode 2

In this the second episode of our series on Dan Bulter's book 'Permission to Be Great' we dive into one of the leading causes of burnout, WORKLOAD.  In this episode Dan gives several key pointers that can be done to handle the amount of things that we have on our to do lists. 

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Permission to Be Great:
What is Burnout?
Episode 1

In this the first of five episodes in the Permission to Be Great series Jenny and Greg sit down with Dan Butler to set the stage on what burnout is and the things that lead to it.  Hint hint...there is more to burnout than simply having to much to do.  Listen to find out more.  In the coming episodes we will tackle how we can address these areas of burnout.  You can learn more about Dan by checking out his website www.danpbutler.com

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Jenny and Greg's 2021
Christmas Spectacular

Throw another log on the fire, grab a blanket, and snuggle up as you enjoy our annual Christmas special.  One of our favorite episodes of the year!  A lot of great Christmas trivia and jokes in this one.  Enjoy and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

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Goals: Living Beyond Hope
Reflection # 3

In this final reflection episode Jenny and Greg sit down to discuss the last few episodes from Greg's solo series.  Learn more about Burning the Ships, Choose Your Hard, and Motivation vs. Discipline. 

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Jenny and Greg's 2021
Halloween Spooktacular

Join Jenny and Greg for the annual Halloween episode were they read a spooky story.  This year's story was written by our very own Greg!  Dim the lights and pull up the covers as you prepare to be scared.

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Goals: Values, Rallying Cry, and Action with Kelly Simon

In this episode Greg invites on special guest Kelly Simon as they talk through three questions that must be answered as you set off on any goal journey.  Join them as they dive from values to rallying cries to action.  Listen to find out more!

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Goals: Living Beyond Hope
Alone, but Not Alone

In this episode Greg discusses how when working toward a goal it is important to realize that when it comes to putting in the work only one person can achieve this.  Yes, they can get support but at the end of the day the results will be determined by one person.  Listen to find out more.

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Goals: Living Beyond Hope
Motivation vs Discipline

Is it better to be motivated or disciplined?  There is a big difference between the two.  Listen as Greg dives into the difference between motivation and discipline.

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Goals: Living Beyond Hope
Choose your Hard

We have all been told a lie - we often believe that our choices are the easy or the hard path.  The truth is our decisions typically involve a hard choice and another hard choice.  The good news is we get to choose that hard.  Listen to find out more.

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20-21 School year Wrap up

Kick off your shoes because we made it! Who would have thought at the beginning of the year we would have but here we are. Join Greg and Jenny as the reflect on one the most unique and challenging school years we will most likely ever face.

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Goals: Living Beyond Hope
The work and Time Relationship

Doing something once wont do much for you as you work toward your goal, however, doing it again and again over time will. Join Greg has he discusses an equation for meeting your goals.

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Goals: Living Beyond Hope
Burn the Ships

As you work toward your goals you will begin to realize there are aspects and things in your life that no longer fit the new you. What do you do with these things? Simple...BURN THE SHIPS!

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Goals: Living Beyond Hope

Reflection Episodes 5-7

Jenny is back as we sit down and discuss the past three goals principles: If you think you can, our dark passengers, and making better bad decisions.

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Goals: Living Beyond Hope

Better Bad Decisions

When we set out to begin a goal we will be bombarded with a lot of decisions. Each one of these will take us either closer or further away from our goal. Making better bad decisions is a way to stay on track but also live a little too.

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Goals: Living Beyond Hope

Our Dark Passengers

Sometimes as we work toward a goal we get in our own way. We are often unwilling or unaware of our internal struggles and conflicts that have caused us to fail in the past. In this episode Greg dives into naming and calling out these aspects of our lives.

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Goals: Living Beyond Hope

If you think you Can

Our mindset and self-talk are what will determine the achievement of our goals. Henry Ford said it simply, "If you think you can or cant you're right." Join Greg as he shares the number one change in his journey.

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Goals: Living Beyond Hope

Reflection Episode # 1

Join Greg and Jenny as they discuss the first three principles in our goals series.

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Goals: Living Beyond Hope

Now the Struggle...

It wont be long into your goal process that you realize you are going to have struggles. How we deal with these struggles is crucial in meeting our goals. Join Greg as he talks about what we often want to do during struggle and what we should instead force ourselves to do.

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Goals: Living Beyond Hope

Today is Your Last Best Chance

In episode two Greg dives into the struggles we face simply to get started when we set a goal. It is also one of the most pivotal times as we can often get stuck in the 'I will start this on Monday cycle.' Join Greg as continues to share learnings from his personal wellness goal.

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Goals: Living Beyond Hope

If you want what you have never had

Working toward a goal is challenging to say the least. I have been on a lifestyle change and have learned a lot about what it means to work hard toward a goal. Through this series I will be sharing those learnings. Yes, I will use my weight loss goal as an example along with many others, but these principles relate to any goal and I will do my best to show that along the way. Episode 1 dives into the idea that we know what needs to change. The bigger question isn’t what the goal is but what things must we start doing to achieve the goal. 

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Making Teams Work:

Focused on Results

In our final episode on team work we dive into the idea of focusing on the right things for success. It is important to know what your team is trying to do and how to measure it. If it sounds like knowing your teams goal that would be correct!

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Making Teams Work:

Holding Each other Able

On a team we rely on the other members. So, what happens when that breaks down? Do we just ignore it or do we have the conversation?

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Greg and Jenny's

2020 Christmas Extravaganza

2020 has been something else. Light the yule log, plug the Christmas tree in, and cozy up as you listen to our annual Christmas special. Merry Christmas everyone!

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Making Teams Work:

Getting Rid of Consensus and building Clarity

Join Greg and Jenny as they continue their dive into effective teams. Building commitment in teams is crucial for success. However, in order to do that we must avoid the desire to simply build consensus and the lack of clarity.


Making Teams Work:

Conflict...It's a good Thing

Join Greg and Jenny as they dive into another strategy to support healthy teams. Yes, you read the title right - CONFLICT. Believe it or not healthy conflict is crucial in the function of a team. Listen to find out more.


Greg and Jenny's 2020

Halloween Spooktakular

Its late October which could only mean it is time for our annual spooky story. Dim the lights, lock the doors, and enjoy a bit of short horror fiction on us. This year's story 'The Petting Zoo' is written by Peter de Niverville who also gave us permission to share it. Enjoy!

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Making Teams Work: trust

Teams often fall apart and fail to strive due to lack of trust within the team itself. The best way to build trust is to get vulnerable...

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Making Teams Work: Introduction

Teams are an essential part of our schools and really any organization. Truth is though we often don't function as teams as well as we would like. In this series we try to give tips and pointers to building strong and functioning teams.

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That Wasn't Good Enough:

Can we actually say that?

The first step to improvement or growth is often acknowledging that we need to improve and grow. At some point you have to say "That wasn't good enough" join Greg and Jenny as they dive into this often tough but beneficial statement.

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Self-care...it's Important...so do it

Self-care...the word can often bring an eye roll or gripe. However, if we aren't careful especially in these times we are going to find ourselves burnt out running on the hamster wheel of life. Join Greg and Jenny as they take a simple dive into self-care...


They're All our Kids:

Especially Now!

Join Greg and Jenny as they dive into a bit of person first language when it comes to students as well as the importance of us being there for all the students within our building.

They're All Our Students.png

Reflection 19-20: Wow...What A year!

The 19-20 school year has certainly been the strangest one in our lives. We met with students for 73% of the year while the other 27% was spend in shutdown due to Covid-19. Join Jenny and Greg as they discuss some reflections from the year.

19-20 School Year.png

Busy: Is it the right word?

Have you ever been asked how your weekend was and responded that it was busy? No worries we do all the time as well. In this episode Jenny and Greg dive into additional phrases and words that we can use in place of busy.


Meetings: Not Boring at All

The word meeting doesn't typically have the best vibe. It is a word that often brings boredom and dread, but it doesn't have to be this way. In fact, it shouldn't as meetings are one of the most important things a coach does. Listen to hear Greg and Jenny's thoughts on meetings. Resource: Death by Meeting, Patrick Lencioni


Falling up through covid-19

We are in the midst of a global pandemic and lives are both being lost and turned upside down. Through all the dread though there are things we can learn to lead us to a better normal. Listen to hear Jenny and Greg's thoughts on getting to a new normal.

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Staying Resilient and connected with students - Covid19

As many schools across the country close for social distancing efforts to stop the spread of Covid-19 educators are still finding ways to connect with their students. Listen to hear how some connection is still taking place and how we can be resilient when we finally have students back in school.


Bonus: Home Activities During School Closure

During the Covid-19 shutdown of 2020 parents, teachers, and students have all found themselves at home. Join Greg, Jenny, and some special little guests as they give you an update on what they have been up to during these unprecedented times.

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Quantity vs Quality Time

In today's fast pace world time is tighter than ever for many families. Join Greg and Jenny as the dive into one of Greg's thoughts that quality time is byproduct of quantity time together. Enjoy!

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Traits of a powerful Team

Join Greg and Jenny as they kick back and dig into some concepts from one of Jon Gordon’s books ‘The Power of a Positive Team’ We have all been on teams and we know when we are on a good team and when we are not. Join us as we talk about what makes a positive team.

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Meraki: What is it?

Join Greg and Jenny as they dive into the concept around the word meraki. This concept changes the way we approach the teams we are on and the things we do. Enjoy or latest episode in the Greek word suite :).


WD Instructional Coaches

advice - Quotes - reflections

Join Greg and Jenny as they sit down with Dr. Jan Richardson to discuss the power of word work in guided reading. We reference Jan's new word work book which can be found here:

Word Study Book

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How Guided Reading Works:

Word Work w/ Jan Richardson

Join Greg and Jenny as they sit down with Dr. Jan Richardson to discuss the power of word work in guided reading. We reference Jan's new word work book which can be found here:

Word Study Book

Word Work With Jan.png

How Guided Reading Works:

Jan Richardson Rise/Intervention

Join Greg and Jenny as they sit down with guided reading specialist Jan Richardson to discuss what intervention is, why it often doesn't work, and how the RISE intervention model works. The RISE book is referenced often in this episode. Feel free to check it out here: 

Rise Book

Jan Richards Rise.png

Greg and Jenny's

2019 Christmas Extravaganza

Grab the hot chocolate, turn on the fire, sit next to Christmas tree, and snuggle in as we bring you another Christmas special. A lot of fun in this episode!

Christmas 2019.png

What is Love...?

Love is a tricky word right? You can love a spouse and you can love bacon... Love is a huge motivator as well, maybe the biggest of all motivators. Join Jenny and Greg as they dive into the word Love.

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Halloween Special 2019

Grab a blanket, get comfortable, and dim the lights for our annual Halloween special. Join Jenny and Greg as they read a classic short horror story. Enjoy!

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Happiness Phase Two:

Holding Each Other Able

What do you do when you hear someone make a comment or act in away that goes against one of your core beliefs or your school's core beliefs? Jenny and Greg try to answer that question in this the final episode of our Happiness Phase 2 series. Enjoy!


Happiness Phase Two:

How is your presence?

How you show up matters. It matters a great deal. How we act and carry ourselves often speaks much louder than our actual words. Join Greg and Jenny as they dig into the concept of presence and learn how to level up during difficult situations.


Happiness Phase Two:


As we continue our dive back into Happiness we find ourselves reflecting on values and how you can come to your core values. Join Greg and Jenny in this episode as they talk all things values and provide ways to hone in on values as well as to keep a check on them.


Happiness Phase Two:

Redefining Happiness

What is happiness? What determines our happiness? Join Greg and Jenny as they jump back into the topic of happiness to answer these questions. Three years ago we spent eight episodes going through different happiness tactics. Phase 2 will be adding onto those and bringing it to more of an individual level. Enjoy!

Redefining Happiness.png

Summer Bonus Episode

(Just for Fun)

It is summer time! What do Jenny and Greg enjoy most about summer time? Well, find out here. There is a pretty solid 5 minutes on one of Iowa's most iconic foods, corn on the cob! This is one of those episodes that you may want to simply listen to on a walking, car ride, etc.


The Growth Mindset Coach

With Annie Brock Part 2

Join Greg and Jenny as they continue talking with Annie Brock author of "The Growth Mindset Coach" a book that lays out the what and how of teacher mindset to our children. Follow her on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/msanniebrock?lang=en  and check out her book here: https://amzn.to/2WsoiYU

annie brock part 2.jpg

The Growth Mindset Coach

With Annie Brock Part 1

Join Greg and Jenny as they dive back into the world of growth mindset. This time they are joined by Annie Brock author of "The Growth Mindset Coach" a book that lays out the what and how of teacher mindset to our children. Follow her on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/msanniebrock?lang=en  and check out her book here: https://amzn.to/2WsoiYU

Annie brock Part 1.jpg

Write you Story: Journaling

With Jon Barth

Join Greg, Jenny, and author Jon Barth as they dig into the power of journaling. In this episode you will hear powerful stories of impact from journaling as well as tips and strategies to support you along the way. Journaling is far more than simply writing words - this is a reflective practice. Check out Jon's books and resources at www.jonbarthbooks.com


Utilizing video as a professional learning tool with Adam Geller

Join Greg and Jenny as they dig into using video as a tool for professional growth. This is the second time we have discussed this topic and this time we are joined by guest Adam Geller who is the author of "Evidence of Practice Playbook for Video-Powered Professional Learning" Find more from Adam here: Edthena: www.edthena.com Evidence of Practice: www.evidenceofpractice.com


How Guided Reading Works: Wrapping it up

Join Greg and Jenny as they discuss their favorite parts of the guided reading series. This concludes the official series but we will continue to drop shows with a literacy focus along with many other topics. This show also includes the first song we have ever recorded. Enjoy!

How GR Works Wrapping it Up.jpg

How Guided Reading Works: Interview with Jan Richardson

Join Jenny and Greg as they sit down with Jan Richardson author of "The Next Step Forward in Guided Reading" book. A great conversation about guided reading, fluency, and the important role that guided reading plays in a child's education.

How GR Works Jan Richardson.jpg

How Guided Reading Works: Centers W/ Megan Scherrman

We have spent a lot of time talking about what is happening at the reading table during guided reading. But, what do the rest of the kids do? Well you are in luck. In this episode of the series we dive into centers/stations and talk about how to connect them to guided reading and other areas. Enjoy! www.iccpodcast.com

How GR Works Centers.jpg

How Guided Reading Works: Comprehension W/ Tiffany Shekleton

One of the greatest parts of Jan Richardson's model of guided reading is that it includes plenty of comprehension instruction. Join Jenny, Greg, and Tiffany Shekleton a 2nd grade teacher at Epworth Elementary as they talk comprehension. Although heavily focused on Jan Richardson's Next Step Forward book there are certainly plenty of nuggets of information for all spread throughout. www.iccpodcast.com

How GR Works Comprhension.jpg

How Guided Reading Works: Fluent Readers

What do you do when kids no longer need word work, decoding, and phonics... do they just graduate from Guided Reading? No not at all they move into fluent lessons and double down on vocab and comprehension. Join Jenny and Greg as they continue the "How Guided Reading Works" series.

Fluent Reading.jpg

How Guided Reading Works: Transitional Readers

Join Jenny and Greg as they dive into and discuss the work horse of the guided reading lessons. Transitional readers could start at 1st grade and go well past 4th. This is also where we begin to see three day lessons with more time dedicated to the writing process.


Growth Mindset: Beyond a catch Phrase

Growth mindset could very well be one of the biggest buzz words in education at this point. For the past several years Jenny and Greg have explored what it looks like to bring the concept of a growth mindset into school. Join them as they talk about five key components to make this more than a catch phrase. This was also our first live show so enjoy! Finally, we discuss GRIT stations which are group challenges kids work on. We failed to mention that in the show.

Growth Mindset Beyond a Catch Phrase.png

How Guided Reading Works: Early Readers (Part 6) 

The adventure continues as Greg and Jenny move past the beginning stage of reading and move into the early reading stages. Join them as they discuss what guided reading looks like as kids start to advance though the levels.

Guided Reading Early.png

Christmas Extravaganza 2018

The stockings are hung, the lights are strung, the hot chocolate is poured. It can only mean that it's time for the annual ICCpodcast Christmas Special. Grab a blanket, a warm cup of coco, and get comfy as Greg and Jenny exchange gifts that reflect personality traits and values. Disclaimer: no education content but you should laugh.

Christmas 2018.png

How Guided Reading Works: Emergent Readers (Part 5)

Join Greg and Jenny as they dive into Emergent lessons for young readers. This lesson plan typically utilizes level A-C books. Even if you are not looking to completely change your guided reading time there are plenty of little take a ways that could be very helpful in this episode.


How Guided Reading Works:  Pre-A and Letters (Part 4)

Can preschoolers and early kindergarten students be in a guided reading lesson? You better believe it. Join Greg and Jenny as they dig into what a pre reader guided reading lesson looks like. From name puzzles to interactive writing this episode is packed with reading ideas for very early readers.

How Guided Reading Works PreA Readers.pn

Stories Are Powerful: A Halloween Special (2018)

Jenny and Greg have talked about the power of stories as a teaching tool in past episodes. In this Halloween special they demonstrate the power of stories by reading "Harrington's Hearse" a short horror story by author Lake Lopez. So dim the lights, bunker yourself in a corner, pull the blanket up, and enjoy! Check out Lake's other content at http://www.thescarystory.com/

Stories Are Powerful - Halloween Special

How Guided Reading Works: Assessment (Part 3)

The word assessment is like nails on a chalk board for many educators. It doesn't have to be this way though. Join Greg and Jenny as they discuss assessment that matters, allows us to know our students, and guides our instruction. This is the third part of our "How Guided Reading Works Series" enjoy!

How Guided Reading Works Assessment.png

10ish Learns and goals for the year(2018-2019)

The beginning of the year is always a great time to sit back and reflect on what we want to change or do differently in the upcoming year. Join Greg and Jenny as they dig into their goals for the year and somethings they are trying a bit different this year. Greg even breaks into song 3 times in the episode! Enjoy.

10ish Learns and Goals for the Year.png

Burnout Part 1 With Dan Butler

In the past several decades dozens and dozens of responsibilities have been added to teachers and school leaders. However, not a minute has been added to the length of the school day. The stress of this has been leading to teacher burnout throughout our country. Join Greg and Jenny as they sit down with Dan Butler and discuss what leads to and causes teacher burnout.

Burnout Part 2 With Dan Butler

Join Greg, Jenny, and Dan as the wrap up the conversation about teacher burnout. Fear not as in this episode they discuss ways to prevent and combat teacher burnout. Burnout is a real thing and in this episode you will get a few pointers on how to address and prevent this problem.

Burnout Part 2.png

Buddy Berry Live @ KPEC in Dubuque, IA

Buddy Berry is a practicing superintendent in Kentucky.  He has transformed his district and community through his philosophy of “Light Your School on Fire.”  Join Greg and guest host Kelly as they breakdown Buddy’s 3 key philosophies to driving school change.  This was recorded at the KPEC conference in Dubuque, IA in an open format. 

LaVonna Roth Live @ KPEC Conference

LaVonna Roth is the founder of Ignite Your Shine.  Join Greg and guest host Kelly as they sit down and talk to LaVonna about her core SHINE principles and other takeaways from her keynote address at the KPEC Conference in Dubuque, IA.  This was recorded live and in an open setting.

How guided reading works: an introduction (Part 1)

Guided reading…it is one of the largest blocks of time in any elementary classroom. There are multiple groups learning to read and comprehend material at their specific instructional level. It is also one of the most questioned times of the day for many teachers. Join Greg and Jenny as they dig into the concept of guided reading and discuss an overview of what it is and what it should entail.

HOw guided reading works: Mindset Shifts (Part 2)

It is often said that someone who went to school in the 1800s would recognize much of the same concepts and teaching techniques in the classroom today. In some situations this is sadly true, however, many in education are pushing the boundaries of their thinking and practice to deliver top notch instruction to students. Join Greg and Jenny as they dive into the latest mindset shifts in today’s literacy world.

Christmas Extravaganza 2017

Wait what...JHills favorite Christmas food memory is cheese curds? You mean GD enjoys Christmas songs in the tune of Metallica and ACDC? Join Greg and Jenny as they share some Christmas memories and joys in the sencond annaul Christmas special. This episode contains zero education content

Ask Powerful Questions with Will Wise Part 3/3

In part three of this three part podcast series Greg and Jenny sit down and talk with author of Ask Powerful Questions Will Wise and discuss why vs. what/how questions and the power of empathy.

Ask Powerful Questions with Will Wise Part 2/3

In part two of this three part podcast series Greg and Jenny sit down and talk with author of Ask Powerful Questions Will Wise and discuss the importance of rapport and listening

Ask Powerful Questions with Will Wise Part 1/3

In part one of this three part podcast series Greg and Jenny sit down and talk with author of Ask Powerful Questions Will Wise and discuss the importance of sharing our intentions within collaboration, team time, and conversations.

Stories - A Powerful Teaching Tool

Stories...we all have them. We have all learned from the stories of others and most likely shared some of our own. Join Greg and Jenny as they discuss the power of story as an instructional strategy. From why stories matter to tips and tricks for powerful story telling this episode is packed full of helpful content to get us started on our story telling adventure.

10 Things we learned kicking off the year

Education is unique in that there are set ends and beginnings to our work. Join Greg and Jenny as they reflect, laugh, and dig into 10 things that they learned as they started a new school year. Additional show note: sorry to the late Johnny Cash for Greg’s attempt at singing Man in Black with a twist…

Falling Up - Happiness Series 8/8

So often we are told that when we fall down there are only two options. We are worse off than we were before, or at the very least the same. Join Greg and Jenny as they fight back against this mindset and discuss a third option that we often ignore. This is the conclusion of an eight part serious on the Happiness Advantage.

Social Investment - happiness series 7/8

Education is the ultimate people buisness. Each day we all have the oppurtunity to impact the lives around us. The crazy thing is when we invest in others our happiness increases! Join Greg and Jenny as they dig into the principle of social investment and how it relates to happiness.

Zorro Circles - Happiness Series 6/8

Have you ever taken on a large task? We all have and it is challenging to complete large tasks as a whole. Join Greg and Jenny as they discuss a method of breaking down tasks into smaller "Zorro Circles." This is a podcast in a series on The Happiness Advantage.

The Tetris Effect Happiness Series 5/8

If we are looking for red cars we will find red cars. The same is true for positives and happiness. Join Greg and Jenny as they discuss a positive Tetris Effect.

Mindset Matters Happiness Series 4/8

How we view things often becomes the reality. Join Greg and Jenny as they continue working through a series on Happiness as they dig into mindset.

Happiness Matters Happiness Series 3/8

What comes first, success or happiness? Often we assume that success is what leads to our happiness, however, this isn’t really the case. Join Greg and Jenny as the share some thoughts and insights on the power of happiness.

Parable Overview Happiness Series 2/8

Greg and Jenny have been gearing up to share about the “Happiness Advantage” that their district is going through. In the last podcast Mr. Colpitts shared the reasons that the district is pursuing positive psychology district wide. In the coming podcasts Greg and Jenny will be reflecting on and sharing principals to happiness. “The Orange Frog” parable by Shawn Achor will give us all some common language moving forward. With that, sit back, relax, and enjoy the story and reflections.

Over View Orange Frog With Guest Rick Colpitts Happiness Series 1/8

The research behind the benifits of positive psychology shows that it has a big impact on an organization. The Western Dubuque Community School District is digging in and training staff members through the happiness advantage. Join Greg and Jenny as they kick of a series on positivity.

Trevor Ragan From KPEC Conferece (2017)

Trevor Ragan has been on a mission to learn about the growth that comes from failure. Join Greg and guest host Kelly Simon as they talk with Trevor about dancing with fear and coming out stronger in the end.

Joe Beckman from KPEC Conference (2017)

Join Greg and guest host Kelly Simon as they sit down with motivation ninja Joe Beckman and discuss the importance of human to human knee to knee connection.

Pete Hall From KPEC Conference (2017)

Pete Hall sits down with Greg and Kelly (guest co-host) to discuss the power of reflection at Keystone's KPEC conference in Dubuque, IA. (This was recorded in an open room which may lead to some differences in volume from time to time.)

The WorkShop Model

Join Greg and Jenny as they discuss the key aspects to the workshop model of teaching. MiniLessons, stations, centers, conferencing, etc. are covered in this lesson. Check out iccpodcast.com for more shows.

They Need us Now more than Ever W/ Dan Butler

The world of politics as gone wild! In many aspects public education is under attack from many directions. Our leaders are not always the role models our kids need. Join Greg and Jenny as they talk with Dan Butler about what students need from us now in the midst of uncertain times.

Movement in the Classroom (Part 1)

Join Greg and Jenny as they discuss the reasons and benefits of getting students out of their desks and moving around. You will also find great ideas on how to get kids moving in the classroom.

Movement in the Classroom (Part 2) With guest Monika Steffen

The days of students sitting in desks for hours on end throughout the school day are on their way out. Join Greg and Jenny as they sit down with Monika Steffen a behavior specialist teacher and discuss the benefits of getting students up and moving. Monika gives a solid case for the need for movement and provides beneficial TIPS to help you carry out this work in your classroom or school.

Quick Tips to Thinking Prompts

Join Greg and Jenny as they discuss the power of thinking prompts.  From videos to pictures to hey even a podcast could be used as a thinking prompt.  Greg and Jenny will discuss types and uses of many different thinking prompts.  

Christmas Special (2016)

Join Greg and Jenny as they countdown their top 5 favorite things about the Christmas season. FYI this has zero education content and is put out as a way to get to know your ICC Podcast hosts. If you are looking for something more education content rich please check out our additional podcasts.

Growth Mindset Activities in the Classroom

Greg and Jenny wrap up a four part podcast series on growth mindset by discussing things that they have seen happen in classrooms. A lot of the activities are difficult to describe so please reach out with any questions at www.instructionalcoachingcorner.com through listener mail or the contacts.

Mindset With Kelly Simon

Kelly Simon has been leading the Western Dubuque Community School District in a shift of mindset for the past five years. Join Greg, Jenny, and special guest Kelly Simon as they discuss growth mindset and positive thinking at an organizational level. It is all about the people! This is part 3 of a 4 part series on Growth Mindset.

Mindset Train Ugly (Part 1)

Growth Mindset is one of the most used phrases in education. Join Greg and Jenny as they discuss not only mindset but how to apply it to the lives of students, teachers, and ourselves. This is part one of a two part series where they sit down with Trevor Ragan from www.trainugly.com.

Mindset Train Ugly (Part 2)

Growth Mindset is one of the most used phrases in education. Join Greg and Jenny as they discuss not only mindset but how to apply it to the lives of students, teachers, and ourselves. This is part two of a two part series where they sit down with Trevor Ragan from www.trainugly.com.

Quick TIPs to a happier school

Join Greg and Jenny as they discuss little things that make a big impact on the culture, climate, and moral of a school (organizations) staff. If you have comments or thoughts please share them under the "Listener Mail" section at www.instructionalcoachingcorner.com

Video Recording Lessons

Video is a powerful tool that can help teachers and coaches see what it looks like as they do what they do. Join Greg and Jenny as they discuss the ins and outs of utilizing video for this purpose.

TIps and tricks to effective team collaboration

This is the first episode that Greg and Jenny have put together. The orignial audio would not open so it is being reuploaded. Sorry, if it is popping up as a new podcast in your feed and you have already heard it. Feel free however to take a trip to the beginning of the ICCpodcast where the time ran long and the audio was a bit choppy. Listen to Greg and Jenny talk about effective team work in this episode. Please leave us a review and comment wherever you listen to your podcasts from. Be awesome!