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Same Conversations New Look

A lot has changed in the last 5 years since we started this podcast.  To better align our show with our brand we will be shifting from being the Instructional Coaching Corner to The School Talk Podcast. As Jenny states in this episode, "New look, same great conversation."  We will continue to dive in and discuss all things school related!

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Your Actions...Your Responsibility

Messing up is part of human nature.  No one isn't going to mess up from time to time.  However, when we do we have two choices.  Excuses or owning our actions.  Join Greg as he dives into this topic through a road side conversation with a polite police officer...

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Start Right Now!

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Motivational Monday

If you want - you must do

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Failure: A single Moment in Time

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Isaac the Defender:

Walking into Fear

2020 has left us with so many unknowns. A lot of this leads to fear and anxiety. Join Greg has he shares a story from his six year old son as he walks into fear and overcomes it.

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Is sorry always the right response...?

We apologize a lot out of respect for people's time. Have you heard, "Hey sorry to bother you?" Nothing really to apologize for. Join Greg and Jenny as they dig into this idea. Sit back and enjoy this minicast.


How Guided Reading Works:

Literacy Tip #6

Spelling...a word that brings shivers and controversy to many educators these days. Well, Jenny and Greg dive into the issue of spelling as it comes to sight words and words that have been taught. Enjoy this quick episode for their thoughts on this subject.

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How Guided Reading Works:

Literacy Tip #5

Join Greg and Jenny for this literacy tip that follows up on our 'How Guided Reading Works' series. Ever wonder what to do with kids when they are beyond grade level or maxed out on text levels? Listen to hear a couple of quick ideas and pointers.

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How Guided Reading Works:

Literacy Tip #4

There is a time and place for kids to track with their finger while reading right? Well that is one thing that Jenny and Greg discuss in this short Literacy Tip. Listen to find out more!

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How Guided Reading Works:

Literacy Tip # 3

We have talked a lot about guided writing throughout our shows on guided reading. Join us as dig into the purpose and philosophy of guided writing in this short literacy tip. For more on guided reading check out our series on our website.

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How Guided Reading Works:

Literacy Tip # 2

Join Greg and Jenny in our summer literacy tip # 2 as they dig into the importance of sight words. Hint - hint it is not just enough to read the words... Enjoy!

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How Guided Reading Works:

Literacy Tip # 1

In this minicast Jenny and Greg dive back into the world of Guided Reading and discuss exactly what it means to be "guided" during this time. If you want more information on Guided Reading check out our full How Guided Reading Works series at www.iccpodcast.com

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Meet Them Where They Are

Meeting people where they are is key to teaching and leadership. Join Greg in this minicast as he recounts a story about Thomas the Train and his son Caleb that taught him this lesson. Check out www.iccpodcast.com for more content from the ICCpodcast team.

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Hotel vs home

Have you ever decided to change a light bulb in a hotel room?  Yeah neither have we.  How about at home?  You better believe it.  Join Greg as he dives into a concept of treating places like homes or hotels in this podcast mini.  Please give us a rating and review where ever you listen to podcasts at.  Be Awesome.  Enjoy!

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It's our 2nd birthday! A reflection minicast episode

Join Greg and Jenny as they take a trek down the ICCpodcast memory lane and discuss favorite episodes and moments from the past 2 years and 54 episodes. This episode falls in line with the Christmas special where you will certainly get to know your hosts better but will be pretty lite on content which is totally okay as sometimes we just need to laugh.

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Fault and Responsibility

Join Greg and Jenny as they talk about the difference of being at fault for something and embracing the responsibility to repair relationships.  We can be sorry and not at fault correct?

Do Crazy

How many times in life have we had a crazy idea but didn't follow through because it didn't fit the norm? Well, if you are anything like most of us the answer is a lot. Join Greg in this minicast as he explores an example of acting on crazy and bold ideas.

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Excuses...Get rid of them

Have you ever made an excuse for why you couldn't do something?  Of course, we all have.  Join Greg and Jenny in this minicast as they dive into the idea of escuse making.  Sometimes we simply need to drop the excuse, do our best, and forget the rest.

Nostalgia...Change Killer?

Nostalgia is awesome right?  Yes it is, until however, we cross the line of wishing ourselves back and longing for those days and times.  Join Greg and Jenny as they talk about nostalgia and how it can put a damper on change.

What is Normal...?

What is normal to us is not always the norm for others. Join Greg and Jenny as they discuss the importance of realizing the importance of accepting each other's normal.

Details...They Kind of Matter

Have you ever wondered what makes a great school or company? Many will say that it is the ability to focus on the small details and to do them well. Join Greg in this minicast as he reflects on a trip to the grocery store.


Have you ever had a life experience? Of course you have! We all have. One of the most ecouraging things we can do for others is simply letting them know that we have had the same life experience.

Read Across America

Join Jenny as she discusses some fun activities that can be done at schools to celebrate reading.

Acts of Because

Making someone's day better is a great feeling. Do so when there is no reason at all to do so is even better. Join Greg as he discusses the power of doing things just because.

WoW! Adding Pizzazz

Join Jenny in this MiniCast as she discusses her latest read. Wow moments are all around us. The question is are we noticing and sharing them out?

Caught off guard: Peeing on Dinos

Have you ever been caught off guard by a comment or a situation. In this MiniCast Greg and Jenny provide two tips for these situations.

Change is tough

Join Greg as he reflects on the difficuluty of change through a comical story from his two older children.

New Years Quotes

Join Jenny Hillebrand in this short five minute MiniCast as she discusses two powerful quotes about challenging ourselves to be better. This comes at a perfect time as we begin 2017.

Bob Goff Quote

Greg and Jenny introduce "MiniCasts" which are 5 minute podcasts on quotes, thoughts, books, etc. In this MiniCast they discuss a quote by Bob Goff about the fear of succeeding at things that don't matter in the long run.

The Variable

So do students meet our teaching? Or, does our teaching meet the students? Join Jenny as she shares out her thoughts on this these important questions.

Where is your time invested

Time...it is the great equalizer. We all have an equal 24 hours in the day. How we use that time and where we invest it is not equal.  I think that we need to switch that around and invest our greatest asset into the things that matter most to us for the long haul.