Making Teams Work: Introduction

Episode 1

Teams are an essential part of our schools and really any organization. Truth is though we often don't function as teams as well as we would like. In this series we try to give tips and pointers to building strong and functioning teams.

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Making Teams Work: trust

Episode 2

Teams often fall apart and fail to strive due to lack of trust within the team itself. The best way to build trust is to get vulnerable...

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Making Teams Work:

Conflict...It's a good Thing

Episode 3

Join Greg and Jenny as they dive into another strategy to support healthy teams. Yes, you read the title right - CONFLICT. Believe it or not healthy conflict is crucial in the function of a team. Listen to find out more.


Making Teams Work:

Getting Rid of Consensus and building Clarity

Episode 4

Join Greg and Jenny as they continue their dive into effective teams. Building commitment in teams is crucial for success. However, in order to do that we must avoid the desire to simply build consensus and the lack of clarity.


Making Teams Work:

Holding Each other Able

Episode 5

On a team we rely on the other members. So, what happens when that breaks down? Do we just ignore it or do we have the conversation?

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Making Teams Work:

Focused on Results

Episode 6

In our final episode on team work we dive into the idea of focusing on the right things for success. It is important to know what your team is trying to do and how to measure it. If it sounds like knowing your teams goal that would be correct!

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