How guided reading works: an introduction (Part 1)

Guided reading…it is one of the largest blocks of time in any elementary classroom. There are multiple groups learning to read and comprehend material at their specific instructional level. It is also one of the most questioned times of the day for many teachers. Join Greg and Jenny as they dig into the concept of guided reading and discuss an overview of what it is and what it should entail.

HOw guided reading works: Mindset Shifts (Part 2)

It is often said that someone who went to school in the 1800s would recognize much of the same concepts and teaching techniques in the classroom today. In some situations this is sadly true, however, many in education are pushing the boundaries of their thinking and practice to deliver top notch instruction to students. Join Greg and Jenny as they dive into the latest mindset shifts in today’s literacy world.

How Guided Reading Works: Assessment (Part 3)

The word assessment is like nails on a chalk board for many educators. It doesn't have to be this way though. Join Greg and Jenny as they discuss assessment that matters, allows us to know our students, and guides our instruction. This is the third part of our "How Guided Reading Works Series" enjoy!

How Guided Reading Works Assessment.png

How Guided Reading Works:  Pre-A and Letters (Part 4)

Can preschoolers and early kindergarten students be in a guided reading lesson? You better believe it. Join Greg and Jenny as they dig into what a pre reader guided reading lesson looks like. From name puzzles to interactive writing this episode is packed with reading ideas for very early readers.

How Guided Reading Works PreA

How Guided Reading Works: Emergent Readers (Part 5)

Join Greg and Jenny as they dive into Emergent lessons for young readers. This lesson plan typically utilizes level A-C books. Even if you are not looking to completely change your guided reading time there are plenty of little take a ways that could be very helpful in this episode.


How Guided Reading Works: Early Readers (Part 6) 

The adventure continues as Greg and Jenny move past the beginning stage of reading and move into the early reading stages. Join them as they discuss what guided reading looks like as kids start to advance though the levels.

Guided Reading Early.png

How Guided Reading Works: Transitional Readers (Part 7)

Join Jenny and Greg as they dive into and discuss the work horse of the guided reading lessons. Transitional readers could start at 1st grade and go well past 4th. This is also where we begin to see three day lessons with more time dedicated to the writing process.


How Guided Reading Works: Fluent Readers (Part 8)

What do you do when kids no longer need word work, decoding, and phonics... do they just graduate from Guided Reading? No not at all they move into fluent lessons and double down on vocab and comprehension. Join Jenny and Greg as they continue the "How Guided Reading Works" series.

Fluent Reading.jpg

How Guided Reading Works: Comprehension W/ Tiffany Shekleton (Part 9)

One of the greatest parts of Jan Richardson's model of guided reading is that it includes plenty of comprehension instruction. Join Jenny, Greg, and Tiffany Shekleton a 2nd grade teacher at Epworth Elementary as they talk comprehension. Although heavily focused on Jan Richardson's Next Step Forward book there are certainly plenty of nuggets of information for all spread throughout.

How GR Works Comprhension.jpg

How Guided Reading Works: Centers W/ Megan Scherrman (Part 10)

We have spent a lot of time talking about what is happening at the reading table during guided reading. But, what do the rest of the kids do? Well you are in luck. In this episode of the series we dive into centers/stations and talk about how to connect them to guided reading and other areas. Enjoy!

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How Guided Reading Works: Interview with Jan Richardson (Part 11)

Join Jenny and Greg as they sit down with Jan Richardson author of "The Next Step Forward in Guided Reading" book. A great conversation about guided reading, fluency, and the important role that guided reading plays in a child's education.

How GR Works Jan Richardson.jpg

How Guided Reading Works: Wrapping it up (Part 12)

Join Greg and Jenny as they discuss their favorite parts of the guided reading series. This concludes the official series but we will continue to drop shows with a literacy focus along with many other topics. This show also includes the first song we have ever recorded. Enjoy!

How GR Works Wrapping it Up.jpg

How Guided Reading Works:

Literacy Tip # 1

(Part 13)

In this minicast Jenny and Greg dive back into the world of Guided Reading and discuss exactly what it means to be "guided" during this time. If you want more information on Guided Reading check out our full How Guided Reading Works series at

LT # 1.png

How Guided Reading Works:

Literacy Tip # 2

(Part 14)

Join Greg and Jenny in our summer literacy tip # 2 as they dig into the importance of sight words. Hint - hint it is not just enough to read the words... Enjoy!

GR Tip 2.png

How Guided Reading Works:

Literacy Tip # 3

(Part 15)

We have talked a lot about guided writing throughout our shows on guided reading. Join us as dig into the purpose and philosophy of guided writing in this short literacy tip. For more on guided reading check out our series on our website.

Literacy Tip 3.png

How Guided Reading Works:

Literacy Tip #4

(Part 16)

There is a time and place for kids to track with their finger while reading right? Well that is one thing that Jenny and Greg discuss in this short Literacy Tip. Listen to find out more!

Literacy Tip 4.png

How Guided Reading Works:

Literacy Tip #5

(Part 17)

Join Greg and Jenny for this literacy tip that follows up on our 'How Guided Reading Works' series. Ever wonder what to do with kids when they are beyond grade level or maxed out on text levels? Listen to hear a couple of quick ideas and pointers.

Literacy TIP # 5.png

How Guided Reading Works:

Literacy Tip #6

(Part 18)

Spelling...a word that brings shivers and controversy to many educators these days. Well, Jenny and Greg dive into the issue of spelling as it comes to sight words and words that have been taught. Enjoy this quick episode for their thoughts on this subject.

Literacy Tip 6.png

How Guided Reading Works:

Jan Richardson Rise/Intervention

(Part 19)

Join Greg and Jenny as they sit down with guided reading specialist Jan Richardson to discuss what intervention is, why it often doesn't work, and how the RISE intervention model works. The RISE book is referenced often in this episode. Feel free to check it out here: 

Rise Book

Jan Richards Rise.png

How Guided Reading Works:

Word Work w/ Jan Richardson

(Part 20)

Join Greg and Jenny as they sit down with Dr. Jan Richardson to discuss the power of word work in guided reading. We reference Jan's new word work book which can be found here:

Word Study Book

Word Work With Jan.png