Over View Orange Frog With Guest Rick Colpitts Happiness Series 1/8

The research behind the benifits of positive psychology shows that it has a big impact on an organization. The Western Dubuque Community School District is digging in and training staff members through the happiness advantage. Join Greg and Jenny as they kick of a series on positivity.

Parable Overview Happiness Series 2/8

Greg and Jenny have been gearing up to share about the “Happiness Advantage” that their district is going through. In the last podcast Mr. Colpitts shared the reasons that the district is pursuing positive psychology district wide. In the coming podcasts Greg and Jenny will be reflecting on and sharing principals to happiness. “The Orange Frog” parable by Shawn Achor will give us all some common language moving forward. With that, sit back, relax, and enjoy the story and reflections.

Happiness Matters Happiness Series 3/8

What comes first, success or happiness? Often we assume that success is what leads to our happiness, however, this isn’t really the case. Join Greg and Jenny as the share some thoughts and insights on the power of happiness.

Mindset Matters Happiness Series 4/8

How we view things often becomes the reality. Join Greg and Jenny as they continue working through a series on Happiness as they dig into mindset.

The Tetris Effect Happiness Series 5/8

If we are looking for red cars we will find red cars. The same is true for positives and happiness. Join Greg and Jenny as they discuss a positive Tetris Effect.

Zorro Circles - Happiness Series 6/8

Have you ever taken on a large task? We all have and it is challenging to complete large tasks as a whole. Join Greg and Jenny as they discuss a method of breaking down tasks into smaller "Zorro Circles." This is a podcast in a series on The Happiness Advantage.

Social Investment - happiness series 7/8

Education is the ultimate people buisness. Each day we all have the oppurtunity to impact the lives around us. The crazy thing is when we invest in others our happiness increases! Join Greg and Jenny as they dig into the principle of social investment and how it relates to happiness.

Falling Up - Happiness Series 8/8

So often we are told that when we fall down there are only two options. We are worse off than we were before, or at the very least the same. Join Greg and Jenny as they fight back against this mindset and discuss a third option that we often ignore. This is the conclusion of an eight part serious on the Happiness Advantage.

Happiness Phase Two:

Redefining Happiness(Part 9)

What is happiness? What determines our happiness? Join Greg and Jenny as they jump back into the topic of happiness to answer these questions. Three years ago we spent eight episodes going through different happiness tactics. Phase 2 will be adding onto those and bringing it to more of an individual level. Enjoy!

Redefining Happiness.png

Happiness Phase Two:

Values(Part 10)

As we continue our dive back into Happiness we find ourselves reflecting on values and how you can come to your core values. Join Greg and Jenny in this episode as they talk all things values and provide ways to hone in on values as well as to keep a check on them.


Happiness Phase Two:

How is your presence?

(Part 11)

How you show up matters. It matters a great deal. How we act and carry ourselves often speaks much louder than our actual words. Join Greg and Jenny as they dig into the concept of presence and learn how to level up during difficult situations.


Happiness Phase Two:

Holding Each Other Able

(Part 12)

What do you do when you hear someone make a comment or act in away that goes against one of your core beliefs or your school's core beliefs? Jenny and Greg try to answer that question in this the final episode of our Happiness Phase 2 series. Enjoy!