Jenny and Greg's 2021
Christmas Spectacular

Throw another log on the fire, grab a blanket, and snuggle up as you enjoy our annual Christmas special.  One of our favorite episodes of the year!  A lot of great Christmas trivia and jokes in this one.  Enjoy and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

2021 Christmas Special.png

Greg and Jenny's

2020 Christmas Extravaganza

2020 has been something else. Light the yule log, plug the Christmas tree in, and cozy up as you listen to our annual Christmas special. Merry Christmas everyone!

2020 Christmas.png

Greg and Jenny's

2019 Christmas Extravaganza

Grab the hot chocolate, turn on the fire, sit next to Christmas tree, and snuggle in as we bring you another Christmas special. A lot of fun in this episode!

Christmas 2019.png

Christmas Extravaganza 2018

The stockings are hung, the lights are strung, the hot chocolate is poured. It can only mean that it's time for the annual ICCpodcast Christmas Special. Grab a blanket, a warm cup of coco, and get comfy as Greg and Jenny exchange gifts that reflect personality traits and values. Disclaimer: no education content but you should laugh.

Christmas 2018.png

Christmas Extravaganza 2017

Wait what...JHills favorite Christmas food memory is cheese curds? You mean GD enjoys Christmas songs in the tune of Metallica and ACDC? Join Greg and Jenny as they share some Christmas memories and joys in the sencond annaul Christmas special. This episode contains zero education content

Christmas Special (2016)

Join Greg and Jenny as they countdown their top 5 favorite things about the Christmas season. FYI this has zero education content and is put out as a way to get to know your ICC Podcast hosts. If you are looking for something more education content rich please check out our additional podcasts.