We are about...

We are educators.  We like to talk education.  From happiness to teaching strategies if it has to do with school or life we dig in and discuss.

Why A Podcast?

Let's face it.  Education content is often seen as dull and boring.  In 2016 Greg and Jenny decided to do something about that and launched the ICCPodcast now The School Talk Podcast.  The goal was simple: talk about topics related to education in away that provided educators usable information while also making them laugh along the way.  Our hope is that each episode entertains you and leaves you with at least one new idea or thought.

Meet Our Hosts

Greg Deutmeyer

Serves as the Instructional Coach at Epworth Elementary School in Epworth, Iowa. The Deutnation (his family) includes his wife Christy and their five kids Hannah, Caleb, Isaac, Lydia, and Leah. In his free time Greg enjoys hanging out with his family, learning about anything unique or history related, building things, grilling, and an occasional round of golf.


Jenny Hillebrand

Serves as the principal at Dyersville Elementary in Dyersville, Iowa. Her family includes her husband, Jason, and three beautiful daughters. In her free time she enjoys spending lots of time with her family and friends, "shuttling" her kids to and from their sporting events, walking, golfing, and playing a friendly game of euchre.